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Fertility Medications
With so many fertility medications available today, couples and their physicians look for a pharmacist with expertise. Your Beacon Prescriptions pharmacist has that in-depth knowledge and experience. Bring us your questions. We can help demystify the complexities of fertility medicine.

What makes Beacon uniquely qualified to help?
We’re fertility prescription specialists. We stock the medications most pharmacies have to order, including progesterone suppositories and injections. So if you’re looking for the latest advancements, look to Beacon first.

Your Beacon Prescriptions pharmacist is also an expert in drug interactions — in fact, we conduct a guaranteed check for them. With your health and medication history at hand we double check to help you avoid problems when taking more than one prescription. We will double check for adverse reactions.

What about cost?
We offer the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere in central Connecticut. For your convenience, we also accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover cards.

Can you help us with insurance issues?
Yes. Our staff will verify your insurance coverage and bill your insurance company on-line. We’ll even work with your physician’s office when prior authorization is required by your insurer. That’s one less concern for you.

How can we order prescriptions?
Order by phone or fax, and your prescription will be ready when you get here. You can also reorder your prescriptions online. We can also arrange for early-morning or after-hours pick-up. Or just walk in and we’ll fill your prescription immediately — almost always in 10 minutes or less.

Do you deliver?
Yes. We will ship any order for a nominal charge.

What makes Beacon different from other pharmacies?
Your Beacon Prescriptions pharmacist owns the business, so our pharmacy is focused on your health, 100%. That means you get the most important service of all: Time. Ask all the questions you want. That’s why we’re here. After all, when you’re expecting, you’re also expecting the highest level of knowledge, compassion and service.

You’re looking for an authority on fertility medication.
We’re your Beacon.

Please contact the Southington location for fertility medications.

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Our Mission Statement

Beacon Prescriptions is dedicated to providing high quality pharmacy services that result in optimal medication outcomes. We are committed to exceeding the needs of our patients and customers by providing efficient, caring, professional and cost-effective services in an environment that encourages excellence, teamwork, compassion and continuous improvement.